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Springsteen on Broadway – Born to Run, Rock, and Roll to the Soul

Springsteen on Broadway was one of the most personally touching  shows I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a fan of The Boss since 1984 when I was a twelve-year-old girl.  Going to twelve concerts prior to his Broadway show set me up for the glory I anticipated.51EE088D-F7D0-40FA-A6BA-B583C8E799A6

Honestly, I never thought I’d get to go, but it worked out for my 21st wedding anniversary: October 11, 2018.  I scored one ticket and my beloved (who enjoyed The Boss with me several concerts prior) waited in a NYC pub while I sat still and laughed, sobbed, and super-fanned Bruce in the quietest way possible.  My scarf caught six different waves of tears from this rockstar who disrobed his interior heart and soul in front of each of us. Anytime, I’ve seen him perform, I felt like there were times he was speaking directly to me.  During this show, he spoke to me the entire time. That’s a transcendence power to touch the listener so intimately and personally.

Bruce pleaded with his audience to understand that he’s a fraud, and what he does is an act, like magic.  The funny thing is, we, fans should already know that. We know he’s a man, a rocker, a band leader, a dad, a husband, a mess up, a perfectly imperfect guy…  We understand his roles and we still show up for his role call. He’s a storyteller who has embellished his lyrics with: fact and fiction, humor and drama, romance and heartache, misery and glory, devils and dust, ghosts and God.

Bruce is my storytelling hero.  His words move me. His loyalty stuns me.  His consistency keeps me. His depression connects me.  His healing energizes me. His love for others and himself includes me.  Bruce is an almighty performer, actor, mentor, sinner, savior, singer…. He reveals great losses but shares how he overcomes and keeps going.  That’s a universal magic trick from a genuine real deal guy, not a fraud.

He gets it… he knows his place in this world, currently.  He has served many with his God given talents and stamina to keep reinventing his storytelling skills.  Springsteen on Broadway was basically the musical dramatization of his 2016 autobiography Born to Run. I’ve read and listened to the book numerous times before and after seeing him perform the book, talking, singing, and reflecting on his life in this venue.

The show is now over and currently available on for your viewing and listening pleasure via Audible (best deal), DVD, CD, MP3, and Netflix. For the masses who weren’t able to see Springsteen on Broadway in person, I hope you can put yourself in that Walter Kerr Theater and imagine the power of song, saints, silence, and Springsteen that poured out of him during his confessional production in which he asks for acceptance, love, and  forgiveness. He’s a man who reminds us and himself that , “It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive.”


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