Here are some tidbits about me: 

Real Name – Donna Lucas

Pen Name – D.S. Lucas

Nicknames – Sunshine; Sunny D; Donna D-Light; D-Money; D

Born on Date – 9/23/72 = Middle Age.  Could this be why my hormones hurt and I can be a Black Cloud instead of Sunshine?

Expiration Date – I don’t know, nor do I want to.  Just trying to make the best of each breath.  Carpe diem!

Height 5’5″ – (average, tall enough on tippy-toes to reach the bananas or cookie jar on top of the fridge)

Middle Age Weight – Varies. Sometimes I shrink and you can read about it in “Slimming Down…”  Sometimes I grow.

Credit Card Number –  xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx exp. 00/00 security code xxx (I actually know the real numbers by heart and can recite it like one would her ABC’s.  I have a bit of an online shopping problem.)

Marital Status – Have been on a honeymoon with my one and only since 10/11/97 — I’m still wild about Harry!

Parental Status – Mother to two teenage daughters.  For this blog, I wanted to use their toddler nicknames, Bug and Bean respectively, but they would rather I call them the bad words they have grown into.  You can meet the bellas later.

Pet Status – Two dogs – an adult sheltie and golden retriever puppy.  We recently sold our bearded dragon on Craig’s List.  The beta fish, Chinese water dragon, and beautiful older golden years retriever passed away.  These pets will be featured in an upcoming piece of fiction titled: I Hate Puppies! This will be dog-housed under Categories: I Hate Puppies!

Career – Teacher since 1995 (substitute, tutor, homeschool instructor, summer school teacher, study hall monitor, adult writing instructor); full-time English teacher grades 7-12 since 1998. I’m both a brick and mortar and cyber teacher for my public school district. Go to dslucas.com to find resources and stories about teaching: reading, writing, speaking, presenting, and communicating.

Part-Time Jobs – Too many to list in this introduction.  Being a part-time sunshine has been ongoing throughout life, but I have NEVER made it to full-time status.

Part-Time Author – Now that my first ebook has been published, I can add part-time author to my list of jobs.  I won’t be giving up my day job anytime soon.  Maybe when I retire from teaching, I might have gained enough experience to become a full-time author or professional accordion player. It’s too soon to tell.  Check out my other blog about my writing journey at: Part-Time Author.

Education – Full-time learner. Bachelor’s in English Education; Master’s in English +15; Current student of Master of Fine Arts program in Writing. Perpetual student of reading, writing, and workshops, conferences, online classes, and YouTube videos.

Favorites – Bruce Springsteen, Goldfish Crackers, red wine… Mmm, blend the three together for a fist pumping, snack shaking, wine sipping Ménage à Trois.

Favorites continued – Alfred Hitchcock, Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang, red shoes, Happy perfume, Cyber Monday, gyros, green tea, flavored coffee, ethnic music (esp. Serbian and Irish), Lindt Truffles, Lucille Ball, exercise, and the fragrance of lemons.

Cooking – Not IT!  I’m awful, but my husband is an amazing cook who creates some of the best dishes out there.  I’m a good baker though and am the Betty Crocker of Jell-O Shots.

Leisure – Reading, writing, running, socializing, shopping, surfing (the net), building puzzles, listening to music, and playing games and cards.

Best Quote – “Do what is expected of you, and then do more.”- Ron Sullivan, my high school social studies teacher.

Alter Ego – Black Cloud.  I have to really work at keeping this other gloomy, stormy personality away.  Big triggers are injustice, impatience, sugar, hormones, the moon, and spilt milk.

In a Sunny, Blonde Nutshell – I love life, making connections, and sharing the sun with you. Beneath it, I continually look for happiness, peace, warmth, and wisdom. Some days it’s a breeze to discover these shiny treasures, but on others, I really have to work to uncover the light. I am merely a part-time sunshine.

Shine on!