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Getting Smaller in 2018

As of January 9th, beyond our normal routines, in the past 17 days my husband and I have hosted, celebrated, or attended the following extras:

2 Christmas Eves (We observe the Gregorian and Julian calendars.)
2 Christmas Days
1 New Year’s Eve
1 New Year’s Day
1 family Star Wars movie night with large buttered popcorn and refills
1 funeral luncheon
1 fast food breakfast due to a shortage of milk, eggs, and anything whole grain.
17 nights of Christmas festivities filled with wine, hot toddies, slivo, Goldfish crackers, cheese trays, meat trays, veggie trays, fruit trays, chocolate trays, and options from 623 cookie trays.
All of these events have given us more love, togetherness, and thanks.
We’ve also gained weight and an appreciation for moderation, now that we need more elastic waistbands.  The cowbell has rung and the scales have been tipped and we wish to put the extras out to the pasture with the cow and the bell.
It is 2018. Let’s get back on track for a healthier, lighter, New Year! (FYI, I’m Serbian and still follow the Julian calendar which marks the NY on January 14th, so if you haven’t signed up for a better physical year, feel free to do so on Serb time.)
January is such a cold, depressing, and, in my case, puffy month. We can make a better start to the year and not let January take over.  I want to grow more willpower, motivation, and strength. January 15th, 2018, marks my start date to shrink caloric intake and  avoid cravings for unhealthy food choices.
Weight Watchers is a plan I believe in and used last year to shed sixteen pounds, to get to my goal.  I’ve gained a few back and after I meet my goal, I’ll stay on the program for a few months to maintain.  Below features my before (Puff-Shine) and after (Sunshine).
I currently work out five-six days a week.  I plan to make three of those workouts become a routine first thing in the morning.  No more sleeping in because a warm puppy slippers my tired feet.  I vow to retrain and slough off the unwanted ick of 2017.
As much as I exercise, I am still prone to gaining weight if I don’t control what I put into my mouth.  Finding alternatives is not as hard as one might think.  For example, I don’t like petite carrots, but these crinkle cut ones are delightful with just the right amount of crunch.
If you’re on a mission to become healthier, stronger, and/or smaller in 2018, good luck and shine on!
Feel free to share your proven ways to do so.
I will be Slimming Down with Weight Watchers.  The link will reveal last year’s journey.


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