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Pay Attention: If someone is inattentive, show them you are there by dunking their flip-flops.

1.Greet people with a warm hello. No need to knock them over though. You would steal their flip flops and drop them in the pool if they ignored you.  That wasn’t very nice, but you made your point: Stop and say hi.  
2.Don’t hold grudges. When upset with another as she would get when we would go on a trip without her she would snub us. She would then quickly fall in love with us all over again. There was no purpose to her staying mad.
3.When you want to see more of the world speed up. Italia taught me to become a runner. When your body needs you to slow down, pay attention. Italia also taught me to be a walker.
4.Say your daily prayers.


Just because you didn’t fetch and swim like people expected you to, you shined on in other ways, by running, comforting, and loving us.  Thanks for the life lessons, my friend. Missing you always.


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