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Forced into Submission: Trying to get Published


I am not the type of woman who readily submits.  I enjoy control of my own ideas, truths, and opinions.  If I submit and share myself with others, will I become possessed in ways I don’t want to be?  What challenges and new rules will I have to yield to? Will I lose the lifelong freedom I’ve maintained over my heart, mind, and soul?  What if I’m rejected?  What if I’m accepted?  Oh dear, it’s so much easier to just resist the process.  

These are the bizzarro thoughts I entertain when I consider taking my writing to the next level to seek publication. My writing process has been to write, recite parts of the story to anyone who will listen, revise, share a copy with a few loved ones, post it on Facebook (and now here on my blog), and/or put it into a random folder and bury it like junk mail. What a writing graveyard I made!  R.I.P. is the final stamp on the tombs of my personal narratives, poetry, memoir, and stories.  Word ghosts haunt me.  

I often scold myself,  What a waste of paper, cyber space, time, and the alphabet!  Then with typing fingers and a hopeful change, I promise my muse, I will submit.  I think I can.  I know I can.  Squirrel!  And just like that, I get distracted and abandon the work I started.

I am a dirty little part-time sunshine when it comes to sticking with a piece of writing.  I have affairs and one-night stands with ideas; I enjoy the passion for a fresh story and hang out with it as much as I can until I get bored or stumble upon something I misconceive as better.  

You know what is better?  Running with the polished piece across the finish line to the cheers of a crowd.  I would love to be the one to add a little more cowbell to a reader’s day, to move, inspire, and entertain them with words. BUT, I have NEVER sent one piece of work to an agent, editor, or publisher.  I just quit rather than commit to entering the publishing world.  

Today, this will all change though.  I am not speaking figuratively, and I literally vow to submit a story to the editor I recently met at a writer’s conference.  I pitched to her and she expressed interest and requested the piece.  

Wowza!  Whatever comes of this step, makes me thrilled to finally cross the threshold and send someone a completed piece of writing.  I loved creating this story and how it turned out.  She might too, but if not, her conversation at our pitch session inspired me enough to want to enter this unknown realm of publishing.  

I’m ready to shake the writing cowbell today and wake the buried pieces of my heart, soul, and mind that have lain to rest.  

Use your talents.  You got ‘em!  Don’t wait for a rainy day… It’s gonna be a sunny one! Shine on! 


Update — The piece I submitted was accepted for contract and was released for publication as an ebook by The Wild Rose Press, Inc. on July 26, 2017.  It is available for purchase at The Wild Rose Press and other major book retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and Kobo. There is also an audio version on Audible.  I hope my novelette can bring some sunshine to your day. Thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Forced into Submission: Trying to get Published

  1. It’s so true. I have similar hang-ups, which is why I have never submitted anything either (with the exception of less than an handful of writing contests, and those were many moons ago). I know I’m ready. It’s just this crazy, bizarre fear, of exactly what I can’t even pinpoint. But congrats on your successful meeting with the editor! Screw on your courage and get that piece submitted. You can do it!


    1. Thank you, Christy. It’s really like ripping off a bandaid that’s been covering up a piece of me. I think you and I need to let our work breathe. You got this too. I am almost done with another revision of my story; I am so thankful for the lessons I got from the conference on being concise with my wordy words and losing the passive voice (I’m notoriously passive). I need to get to some Thursday meetings asap. I miss all of you.


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