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Italia was my Furry Best Friend – I Miss my Dog

This photo was taken on my 40th birthday, five years ago when my golden retriever sweetheart, Italia was just six-years-old.  It’s been over nine months since her passing and my family and I still miss her.  Thankfully, we are strong enough to reminisce and keep her memory eternal.

italia-and-donnaCaption posted on 9/23/2012 – “She’s my “42 year old” furry best friend, and she moves a little slower, barks a little less, listens harder, chases less, paces more, plays fairly, snores intensely, wags her tail all day/everyday, and loves limitlessly. She reassures me that middle age continues to bring so many gifts. I’m excited to lift the calendar page to enter a new decade of golden dreams!”

She taught me so much in her brief decade here.  I hope to follow the four permanent footprints Italia left … a person has a lot to learn from one’s dog

Her little fur brother, Louie is now months shy of his own six-year-old birthday. He thought the world of Italia as: his sister, his mentor, his companion, his playmate, and more.

Italia is irreplaceable, as are all of our lost loved ones, but opening our hearts to new love helps us go on.  Louie is working on the dream of loving his new little puppy sister, Frankie. I pray he gets through his grief and accepts Frankie.  We didn’t expect Italia to leave our world when she did.  The only certainty in that is she will remain in our hearts forever.  XOXO

P.S. – I was hoping to post more in my I Hate Puppies story narrated by a “character” named Louie, but, I am having a blast researching various animal and human behaviors right now, so I don’t have enough to say except “Stay tuned!”


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