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Don’t Forget to Write: I’m Sorry it’s been Awhile.

IMG_9445Oh my my!  So many things have been going on the past couple months that I have neglected my Part-Time Sunshine blog. I want you to know that I’m still here, and things are going to be brighter for this site and other writing endeavors I have in the works.

For starters, I purchased the domain: The old clunky is a subdomain and will still work, but why bother? All ads are removed too, unless I place them. (I’m not there yet, though.)

Let me just share what’s been happening, and hopefully you will forgive and not forget me. I want to stay connected because you are a really swell audience, and blogging helps me shine on.  I hope my posts bring you some extra light and laughs at your leisure.

Honestly, even though it’s summer, I’ve been sun-shining less than part-time. I’ve been so busy and scattered with clouds.  IMG_1498

Because of this, I let my writing projects slip while trying to gain clarity to create an author following and build a writing platform. That might not make sense, so I’ll try to explain.

  1.  My debut publication, The Pencil Sharpener, released on July 26th, 2017, as an ebook. It’s a contemporary female fiction novelette published by The Wild Rose Press.  A contemporary female story is one in which the plot is driven by the female protagonist’s relationships and emotional journey.  In The Pencil Sharpener, Mitzi Miller needs to accept change and grow from that.  Books, songs, and poems get written about change all the time.  Change is hard!
  2. Once I received the release date for The Pencil Sharpener, I had two months to go from denial of becoming an author to panic of becoming an author! 

    I’ve been researching, learning, and taking workshops on how to build a self-hosted website, a professional cyber hub where I want my targeted audience to see me.  (Psst, I believe you are a member of my writing audience, unless you are a troll, and then I’m going to kick you and your goat under a bridge. NO Troll Trespassing.) Anyhow, real life Part-Time Sunshine is echoed in the imaginary world of Part-Time Author, D.S. Lucas.  My fiction mingles with my world.  Art imitates life.

  3. It took awhile to commit to a pen name, and I finally chose D.S. Lucas instead of the 70,000 alternatives I entertained. I like my real name, Donna Lucas, but was taken in 1998 by a one-hit wonder quilter, so I renamed myself for who I want to be known as when I can’t be Donna Lucas.  It’s sort of like when I’m teaching high school English and feel like substitute teaching for myself. I’ll write my sub name, Miss Snyder, on the board and follow Mrs. Lucas’s lessons. FYI – My maiden name was Snyder and I subbed from 1995-1997. Miss Snyder was the younger, sweeter version of Mrs. Lucas.  My current students love when Miss Snyder subs for me.
  4. I’ve been working hard to build my online author platform and social media presence with my pseudonym: D.S. Lucas.  I’ve been on stage and in front of people my whole life, but seeking an online following is unfamiliar territory.  It’s necessary if I don’t want to be an invisible writer in the digital age though.  Invisible shoes are such a waste of money! It’s time to throw those out and sport the red ones I want you to see. Honestly, can’t I just write about shoes???  Donna Shoe Lucas? Probably not…  You can also find me at: D.S. Lucas Author Facebook Page, D.S. Lucas Twitter, Donna Snyder-Lucas Instagram, Donna Snyder-Lucas Pinterest, D.S. Lucas Author Page, D.S. Lucas YouTube Channel, D.S. Lucas Goodreads, D.S. Lucas Website
  5. As much as I should want an audience to find me, I don’t know if I’m actually ready…  Ugh!  It’s scary to be “out there” with my fake name attached to a publication.  I know what we can do; I’ll be the hider, you be the seeker, and when you find me, tell me how I’m doing as a writer. That would be a fun game.
  6. Sometimes, I’d rather build a snowman in the summertime, “but I’ve got to get busy writing. Busy, busy, busy!” just like Professor Hinkle from Frosty the Snowman.
  7. I’ve been brainstorming sequels and prequels to The Pencil Sharpener and plotting a fictional dog piece.  See #8
  8. Besides pursuing writing goals, we adopted a real live eight-week-old golden retriever puppy. We avoided puppy scams and got a little love nugget named Francescsa, who we call Frankie. 

    This cute four-legged baby covered by soft, furry feathers is so sweet, but full of energy, spunk, and sass. She became a part of our family three months ago, and is now five months old.  Luigi, better know as Louie, our five-year-old sheltie, doesn’t think she’s all that cute or sweet and is struggling to be her brother.


    You can read about this in an upcoming work of fiction called I Hate Puppies, narrated by Louie.  I’m hoping to post this as a work in progress once a week on

  9. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. Hashtag – What in the Sam Hell is Hashimoto’s? Do you get chopsticks with it? Nah. This is an autoimmune disease stemming from an under active thyroid.  DON’T WORRY!  I’m in the clear of tumors and goiters.image Besides taking my hormone replacement medication, Levothyroxine, I am being extra vigilant about nutritional, physical, and mental remedies. I admit, I’m still sad, moody, tired, forgetful, confused, and anxious for no good reason though. Hoping, this will pass soon.  #whatishashimotos, #arechopsticksneeded,  #myhormoneshurt, #middleagewomanwoes, #thyroidproblems,  #goingcuckoopuffs, #emotionalrollercoaster, #helphelpmerhonda
  10. Due to 1-9, I’ve had more red wine in a season than one needs all year.  I don’t even need lipstick anymore, since my lips are tinted with a lovely matte cabernet hued stain. Look at all the awesome decor made with my corks:


“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” — Jack Torrence – Creepy Writer Character in The Shining.

Now that I have completely distracted you, I have to admit that I don’t craft with corks, but this fun girl does.  She thinks I’m a good friend because I help provide her with all these supplies.


Thanks for sticking with me.  There’s more to come.  Shine on!


Working for more light in a wacky world

One thought on “Don’t Forget to Write: I’m Sorry it’s been Awhile.

  1. I’ve missed you. And I have been a poorer reader this summer than you’ve been writer, so here’s to forgiving self, moving on, and doing better. 🙂


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