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Should I build a website tonight? I’d rather drink cab, pet my puppy, and scrub my toilet…

Here’s all I have for this blog.

I am overwhelmed, friends.  I can’t get my thoughts straight.  Maybe it’s the Hashimoto’s. Maybe it’s the puppy.  Could be the thought of the wine I will reward myself with after my tasks are done this gorgeous Saturday.

I love cleaning bathrooms when I’m stressed out and when I can’t connect the dots to my thoughts. It’s a dirty job that makes me feel accomplished and proud.  If there were medals given out for clean toilets, I would win, but only when I don’t know what else to do with myself because of all of my TO-DO-LISTS and stomach butterflies.  FYI – I love all butterflies except the ones that bombard my belly and tickle my nerves.  FYI – I think the word “tickle” is weird.  So is fickle.  And pickle.  I don’t mind nickel though. FYI – I cannot stay focused!

Help me Rhonda. Help, help, me Rhonda.  I can’t get around this brain fog.  I am not going to even post a picture on this blog.  I’m tired and need to scrub the toilet.  Then I want some Goldfish Crackers to mix with my wine, but I don’t have any fish because I’m trying to give them up for Lent. Ha ha!  Actually, I am trying to lay low on the carbs because of the freaking autoimmune crud, the Hashimotos.

I am gonna start with petting my puppy.  Then I will try to build a snowman or website. There’s a chance in hell I will do either on this sunny July eve, so peace out.  Shine on! Forgive my nerves and boring post, but I haven’t finished the one about my car battery dying at the Christmas Tree Shop and buying a new vehicle because of it.

I am not even gonna edit this crap, and I’m gonna publish it with the word “gonna.”  This English teacher is off for the summer and is gonna pet a fur baby named Frankie.

UPDATE: My website,, finally went live two months after posting this blog and flushing away too many moments scrubbing toilets.  



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