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Bunco Invite

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Bunco is a simple dice game that can be played by people of all ages. I started playing in a Bunco over ten years ago, when I was in my thirties.  I taught my daughters how to play when they were in elementary school.  My golden years mother still plays with a group of  friends at Silver Sneakers.  Although you can roll with two or more players, the game best lends itself to a group of twelve women.  If you are interested in playing Bunco, starting a group, or learning more about this fun dice game, read on. I played Bunco as a substitute and permanent roller with the same wonderful group for over eight years.  The group eventually broke up, and after a couple years of missing Bunco, I decided to start a new group that would like to play once a month.  The following is an invitation I wrote when I resurrected the game of Bunco in my life: 

Dear Ladies,

I am inviting you to a game of Bunco at my house on INSERT DATE AND TIME.  Most Bunco nights will run for three hours, but the first one requires teaching the game of Bunco (easy but necessary to understand the rules and scoring).

This is a dice game of luck and prizes played by twelve people.  I’m starting a Bunco club that I hope can meet once a month.  You are the fun women I thought might like to join. You can decide after playing if you want to be on a permanent player roster, substitute player list, or an I-can’t-commit-but-keep-me-in-mind list.

Come enjoy an evening filled with drinks, food, conversation, and some light gambling. The object of the night is to have fun while breaking away from the weekly routine. There are over 700 hours in a month; Bingo players know this and love the thrill of getting out of the house and testing their luck among good company and refreshments. Bunco players can do the same in a more intimate and friendly gathering.


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Here is how it works:

  1. The hostess provides the space, decor, plates, napkins, and drinks for the night.  
  2. The players bring a dish, side, or dessert with a serving utensil  Take home or share what doesn’t get eaten.  My family loves the plates of goodies brought home from Bunco.  (No time to prep food?  Suggestion: Order a pizza or breadsticks or buy baked goods.)  
  3. The players bring $10 for the Bunco ante to go to the night’s monetary prizes.   
  4. The hostess is exempt from the $10 ante and instead provides a door prize (homemade or bought for 10.00 or under — don’t overdo it).  
  5. The hostess should keep the Bunco playing area free of children and husbands.  Furry friends are welcome (unless allergic Bunco players request otherwise).  
  6. If you say you are going to play, please show up.  If not, try to find someone to take your spot (There should be a sub list to pull from.)  
  7. Help welcome each other.  You will get to sit with every guest at some point during the game.   

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Bunco Eve Agenda:

6:00 – 6:30   Social ½ hour.

     — Eat, drink, meet, and greet old and new friends.  

     — Set out your dish (plug it in, uncover it, heat it, slice it…)

     — Put your 10.00 ante in the basket.

     — Sign up to be a hostess for your favored month if you can (i.e. I love making fall drinks and have good space for a summer Bunco near the pool, so I prefer to host during those seasons.)  

6:25 — Warning bell to get drinks, snacks, and seats at one of the tables.

6:30-7:00 Teach the game and rules.  Answer questions.  Play a round for no credit and fun:  teach scoring and clarify misunderstandings.

7:30-9:15 — Roll those dice, keep score, play the game, wear the crown, get cards punched… Have a Bunco Babe Partay! Take a food and refreshment break after a round of rolling: ones through sixes.

9:15-9:30 — Add scores and Buncos, give out prizes, remind each other of next hostess meeting place, share leftovers.  The next hostess takes Bunco game to her home.

Post Bunco – Friends laugh about the night on their way home and can’t wait to get together to do this again.

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Our Bunco Babes have a blast together.  Our group is fun, energetic, and loud.  We have had some creative theme nights such as: 80’s Night, Luau, and Wear-Your-Crazy-Leggings Bunco.  

Feel free to use or tweak my letter for your own Bunco party.  If you have any questions about Bunco ask me or check out the following links for more about the rules, scoring, and supplies needed to play.



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