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Hunting for Deals not Deer


Hey there.  I have this Monday off and am spending an exhilarating morning hunting in Northwestern Pennsylvania.  I hope to tag some biggies. When hunting, I refuse to wear the traditional fluorescent orange and camouflage. I prefer yoga pants, an oversized sweatshirt, and my lucky pair of reindeer cabin socks when I scope out the scene.  By the way, I’d rather “dress” like Lady Godiva than sport a camo outfit, even if it’s one bedazzled with sparkles.

I am keeping a low profile and hiding away though from all things furry (dogs) and scampering (kids) in my wilderness (living room).  Quiet concentration is necessary.  I don’t want to waste my arsenal of coupons or miss my shot this Cyber Monday.  


I’m warmly perched in my recliner chair-stand and keep loading my carts and firing away. While I might let some bucks slip away, I plan to score points around the tree for the holidays.

All jokes aside, I don’t hunt deer, bears, birds, or anything else except merchandise, especially shoes. I am a bargain hunter and pride myself on being a coupon queen who can slash prices like a fruit ninja.  I hope my scrolling and clicking brings some valuable bounty.   

So far Kohls, Alex and Ani, and are my favorites (just like any other day).  I’m an Ebates Member too, and they are offering bonus rebates today.  Swell sales!  

Good luck to all the hunters unplugged and venturing to the real wilderness on this  Opening Day of rifle deer season. May you enjoy a warm meal and stories around the dinner table tonight.  

Hoping we all get what we’re hunting for this holiday Monday.  

Feel free to share a picture or story of your deal or deer.



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