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Springsteen on Broadway – Born to Run, Rock, and Roll to the Soul

Springsteen on Broadway was one of the most personally touching  shows I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a fan of The Boss since 1984 when I was a twelve-year-old girl.  Going to twelve concerts prior to his Broadway show set me up for the glory I anticipated. Image may contain: Donna Snyder-Lucas, smiling

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Top 40 Hits from a Bibliophile: My Favorite Reads in 2018

I am a bilbliophile and proud of it. I have an eclectic taste in books due to my background as a high school English teacher, MFA graduate student, multi-genre writer, and passionate lover of reading. I don’t have a favorite type of story and enjoy both fiction and non-fiction; poetry and drama; lyrical prose and factual essays. I love words and when an author can string them together into a page turner. 

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I just updated my blog to better support videos.  Testing it out with a little video I call “Pup-Corn.”  I wish I had a camera on this beast to catch her antics more often. Let me know if you could easily watch this (3 seconds) or if it had glitches.  If anyone is willing to share and let me know how that goes, I would greatly appreciate it.

You can contact me here. (I think)

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