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Coming Soon: I Hate Puppies!


I Hate Puppies! is contemporary canine fiction told in first-person by an adult sheltie who lacks puppy love for his adopted sister, an obnoxiously cute golden retriever.  She moves in with the Lucchessi family when she’s eight-weeks-old and has been a pain in her brother’s tail ever since.Author, D.S. Lucas decided to use her own dogs’ nicknames for the main characters. Meet Louie, the protagonist.  His American Kennel Club name is Luigi.

Luigi, better known as Louie

Here is Frankie, the antagonist.  Her professional name is Francesca.

Francesca, better known as Frankie

Louie hates adorable female golden retriever puppies named Frankie.  Louie is not a racist, male chauvinist, or full-blown dog hater.  In fact, he unconditionally loved and respected his big sister Italia, a gorgeous golden retriever who was an amazing runner.

Italia was just ten-years-old when she passed away, and Louie and the Lucchessis still grieve her loss. Since Italia’s death, Louie has been less playful and prefers to lay around with his ceramic dog, Max.

A mere five months after Italia crossed the Rainbow Bridge, the Lucchessi family brought Frankie home as a “gift” to cheer up the household, especially Louie.  The humans love her, but Louie has yet to bond with her.

Louie’s an introverted, anti-social sheep dog who lives to work.  Frankie’s all about fun and play, so her puppy antics drive him bonkers. He would rather be herding than wasting his time playing tug-o-war with a spit covered rope.

Louie has the ability to talk with other adult animals. He befriends and confides in a fish who is a priest, a lizard who is a psychiatrist, and a mystical canine who is a witch dog (not a watchdog). Louie has a lot of emotional issues to work through: grief, acceptance, neurosis, anxiety, and jealousy are major setbacks.  His animal friends and human family both help and hinder him in a variety of ways.

Disclaimer: I LOVE dogs and puppies and all things furry (except backs.  I don’t like furry backs.)   Yesterday was National Dog Day!  I hope you and your dogs had a great celebration.



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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: I Hate Puppies!

  1. I’m excited to tune in for the continuation of Louie’s saga, and, as an eternal optimist, I sincerely hope that Louie does grow to love Frankie.


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