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Thank You, Dear Dog, for Making me a Runner

On January 18th, 2017, our golden retriever Italia suffered an unexpected and fatal heart attack.  Italia is the reason I became a runner, and three days after her recent death, I ran ten miles in honor of each year I had with her.  On February 18th, one month after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I ran another ten miles in tribute to her.   Continue reading “Thank You, Dear Dog, for Making me a Runner”

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Pay Attention: If someone is inattentive, show them you are there by dunking their flip-flops.

1.Greet people with a warm hello. No need to knock them over though. You would steal their flip flops and drop them in the pool if they ignored you.  That wasn’t very nice, but you made your point: Stop and say hi.   Continue reading “Pay Attention: If someone is inattentive, show them you are there by dunking their flip-flops.”

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Beat the Valentine’s Day Blues

I lost all my oxygen…

Cleaning out the junk drawer, I found this magical musical machine. I hope you like my lil’ song and can laugh at this absurd “treat” now and again when you get to the end of this post.  Mary had a Little Lamb is better replayed. Continue reading “Beat the Valentine’s Day Blues”

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Slimming Down with Weight Watchers


In a recent post, I revealed my goal to lose sixteen pounds. This is a continuation from that blog; if you missed it, be sure to check it out before reading this one where I share HOW I did it. 

I plan to lose four sticks of butter, a chihuahua, and a bowling ball.

Continue reading “Slimming Down with Weight Watchers”