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Bye Bye, Black Friday. I Gotta Check Out.


I prepped for this day like one does for a special dinner stuffed with turkey, gravy, and pumpkin pie.  I doubled up on workouts the fall months in advance, so I could climb shelves, stretch for treasures, sprint to the “while supplies last” aisles, and push three full shopping carts to the checkout using two hands and one foot while hopping on the other. Continue reading “Bye Bye, Black Friday. I Gotta Check Out.”

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Shopping Secret Revealed: White Wednesday, When Pure Retail Wishes Come True

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Whoa!  There certainly are a lot of retail events that keep materializing for the Christmas season shopper. The biggest ones I’m aware of are Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving), and Green Monday (a couple Mondays before Christmas).  Of these three, Black Friday is the one that draws hordes of customers into actual stores.  The others are online shopping days which are perfect for me, a revolutionized .com-customer.   Continue reading “Shopping Secret Revealed: White Wednesday, When Pure Retail Wishes Come True”

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And I Would Run 500 Miles, and I Would Run 500 More…

I first composed the barebones of this over four years ago to highlight (and lowlight) the final run of my first year’s electronically recorded miles using the Nike Running App. Each venture out is as unique as the Pennsylvania snowflakes I waltz with each winter. This last run of the year was certainly a rarity.  Road running is full of excitement, rewards, and surprises with unpredictable weather, terrain, and strength.  NOTE: I avoid treadmills like lima beans and will only touch one if I absolutely need to.   Continue reading “And I Would Run 500 Miles, and I Would Run 500 More…”